— Hear what past clients have to say about Cat


"Shooting with Cat is like being creative with your childhood best friend. Because there was never any judgment, pressure or outside agenda. The photo is recognizable as me, as the realist me, because that’s who I can be with Cat… Cat is authentic professionalism and that’s pretty rare in such an industrialized world. I’m grateful for her." - Delaney Albright

"I approached Cat through multiple friend recommendations and was thrilled to find that she was not only amazingly professional, skilled and creative – but she made me effortlessly comfortable and even laugh on set! She’s so genuine and gentle that I tend to open up to her, and shooting with her feels like a heart-to-heart, and the pictures show that. As a signed actress, my agent and management have also been thrilled with the content Cat delivers." -Lainey Garrity

"Cat creates an incredibly open and safe environment for creativity and personal vision to come to life! She is filled with love and joy which is just the best to shoot with. I deem her my personal photographer." - Amber Dominguez of Sumika Sanctuary

"We had the greatest pleasure of hiring Cat as our wedding photographer. She arrived earlier than expected, which was actually perfect because we had an unanticipated “first look” moment. The unexpected shots that she captured were by far my favorite. Although I haven’t been as close to Cat as many of my friends have, she photographed every moment of my day as if she knew exactly what meant most to me. With little direction that I gave her, and the difficult lighting that she had, Cat managed to capture every special moment exactly how they felt. I will treasure the moments that she caught, hold those photos dear, and recommend her to anyone that is looking for a fantastic, talented photographer." - Lyndsey Martinez

"My favorite shoots have always been with Cat. Cat always makes me feel confidently beautiful. Our shoots have always been fun and exciting, and she always captures the beauty of the moment." - Marg Ocampo

"I did a boudoir style photo shoot with Cat and she did an amazing job of capturing what I had envisioned for my shoot. She made me feel very comfortable and I was able to be myself and feel confident to get the shots that were desired. It was fun and stress free and my photos came out amazing and exceeded my expectations! I cannot wait to do another shoot with Miss Cat Fennell!" - Robyn Walker

"There is something so exquisite when you find someone who has the ability to capture you in the right way on camera. It's a true skill. Cat has always been a creative eye and mind. Her work has honesty and integrity, not to mention it's adaptable within a wide spectrum of spaces; weddings, creative shoots, portraits, still life, you name it. Not to mention she's a blast to work with on every level. Her and I generally worked together in beautiful and open nature spaces which was not only an amazing adventure but a spiritual immersion of organic creation and man made art.  Oh the places this wonderful person will go! Thanks for being you." - Kristin Dominguez

"I had the best time shooting with Cat. She made me feel super confident and secure. It was a great experience. I definitely would love to shoot with her again." - Edwin Vargas