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Cat Fennell is a portrait photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area with over 10 years of experience.  

Cat Fennell grew up with a love for art. Starting with traditional mediums it wasn't long before she found photography and instantly fell in love. That was 11 years ago and the passion has only grown since. With her BA in photography, AA in fine arts and years in hands on experience in both studio equipment and natural lighting you can expect only the best. 

She currently works as an image retoucher in San Francisco and takes on photoshoots and collaborations during her time off. She is always excited to meet new people and loves helping them create something they will cherish for years to come. Her most important business model is to make sure her subjects enjoy themselves throughout the whole photoshoot process. In doing so, the final products are genuine, raw and true.

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Self Portrait - July 2019

Self Portrait - July 2019